Direct Marketing System

Directologies Messaging Platform is built over Linux operating system. It can connect to various SMSCs via SMPP 3.4/3.5 protocols. This communication will be purely SMPP based and client server architecture is followed in messaging platform. The client can manage the Directologies Messaging Platform with user friendly interfaces and achieve the functionalities of SMPP server for handling the smooth SMS business.

Directologies Messaging Platform works as an SMS gateway for all GSM networks. It provides the vital SMS services totally based on SMPP3.4/SMPP3.5.

Directologies Messaging platform requires Linux operating system to be installed on the server where you want to run this messaging gateway.

Features of Directologies Messaging Platform
  • Work as both Pull and Push gateway
  • Supports 7-bit and Unicode data
  • Prefix based Routing to various destinations/countries.
  • Supports delivery reports
  • Log Monitoring user friendly web interfaces
  • Commercial features also added for monitoring accounting information.
  • Supports SMPP 3.4
  • Support feature of adding multiple SMSC
  • Web client to send Single /Bulk SMS.
  • Desktop client to send Single / Bulk SMS
  • Web admin interface to manage the server applications

Directologies Messaging Platform as Direct Marketing System for SMS requirements
  • Messaging Platform as Service to your clients
  • Messaging Platform as deployment on your hosting server
  • Messaging Platform requiring further development

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