Direct Marketing System

The SMS Pull and Push application is a unique application developed with the aim to service a wide range of two way SMS applications. In it you can connect to various providers using the vendor independent SMPP (Short Message Peer to Peer) protocol for sending and receiving messages. It can handle a wide range of two way applications ranging from simple push and pull applications to SMS polls and even contests (Question and Answer based on objectives).

The system provides a comprehensive one window interface to perform various tasks like managing multiple short codes, assigning multiple IP addresses for fetching data for the same short code, managing users, managing various keywords assigned to the users etc, along with that various reports like logs of messages sent, received, error messages etc are also provided.

It can connect to any number of short message centers for sending as well as receiving messages. Based on the type of processing required there are three different keywords supported lead, contest and polls.

  • Lead keywords are basically keywords already set with a predefined response against them. For example if we have KMS as a lead keyword then there word some fixed response like, “Welcome to the world of KMS!!” already set against it in the database.
  • Contests keywords on the other hand are the most dynamic keywords in the system. The responses generated for a contest keyword could vary widely depending on the message as well as the contestant which stage he is in, and the rules set for the contest like no of answers to get jackpot or wrong answers allowed etc.
  • Poll keywords are also an example of dynamic keywords. The response generated is slightly (not as much as the Contest) dynamic. In creating polls a great amount of flexibility is given like setting the no of options allowed so on and so forth.

The keyword users have been given an interface to check for the messages they have received and how many messages were sent through their account depending on when and which keywords were assigned to them. The keyword users can view all the relevant reports of their keywords along with performing basic modifications to the processing logic of the keyword.

Directologies SMS Short Code Integrator||as Direct Marketing System for 2way SMS requirements

  • Short Code Integrator|as service to your clients
  • Short Code Integrator|as deployment on your hosting server
  • Short Code Integrator|requiring further development

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