Direct Marketing System

At directologies we believe in direct mail because it is personal, responsive, measurable, and cost-effective.

We have excellent systems and procedures in place that ensure your campaign is delivered on time and on budget. Our experience in the direct marketing industry means we can advise you how to maximize your direct mail piece for print and postage. Our design department can develop creative direct mail that is targeted and focused to maximize the response rate.

We will also work proactively with your design agency to assist in developing a mailpiece that is functional and effective for direct mail. This can range from the size of the mailpiece to organizing and asking the right questions on your response mechanism to ensure capturing and analysing the responses produces an accurate measure of how your campaign has performed.

To look at directologies Direct Marketing's professional approach to direct mail in more detail goes to the following services that directly relate to a direct mail campaign:
  • Design
  • Print
  • Campaign Fulfilment
  • Database Management
  • Response Handling
  • Campaign Analysis

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