A Customer loyalty program is based on a simple premise ... as you develop stronger relationships with your best customers, they stay with you longer... and become more profitable.

From driving repeat purchases to getting customers to become ardent brand promoters, directologies can create a customer loyalty program that is aligned with your objectives & capable of tackling the unique challenges of your market.

In this dynamic and extremely competitive business environment, it has become imperative for organizations to become more customer oriented. Loyalty marketing has become prevalent across verticals, as businesses are realizing measurable gains from the strategic decision to become more customer focused.

Directologies advocates a step forward towards loyalty marketing from the current mantra of 'profitable relationships', which might imply an unequal relationship. Our win:win relationship proposition ensures Profit for the Organization as well as enhanced Value for the Customer.

Relationship or loyalty marketing, in one form or another, is mandatory for any customer-focused strategy.
These relationship programs can be aimed at fulfilling a variety of objectives, including:
  • Acquisition: Targeting the right audience to increase the number of customers
  • Activation: Enticing dormant customers into making the first, and subsequent, transaction(s)
  • Retention: Retaining valuable customers and deriving maximum value over their life cycles
  • Enhancement: Increasing the depth and breadth of products or services purchased by a customer

Loyalty Marketing Program Management

Insight to Loyalty

The key behind a successful customer loyalty program is knowing who (Profile of Customer) purchases what, where, when, how much (History of Transaction), and using this magical insight to drive (Desired Behavior).

360 Degree Loyalty

Members allow you to link their Profile and [Transaction] History data in return for benefits. A powerful customer loyalty program delivers desired results when it uses a judicious mix of Economic, Ego & Emotional benefits.