In the beginning, someone raises a hand and says "Yes – tell me more." From that moment on, a company becomes engaged in one of the most critical functions that impacts sales success: lead management.

Lead Management is the process of rapidly and effectively creating, nurturing, distributing and analyzing leads. The ultimate goal! To increase the likelihood that a lead will convert to a qualified opportunity and then a new, satisfied customer.

Companies that follow lead management best practices powered by directologies can expect to increase their return on every lead generated. By managing the process from the first stages of planning through the qualification, distribution and nurturing process, marketing teams gather meaningful data on what works, and what needs improvement. This continuous process of planning, execution and evaluation ensures that ROI is maximized on marketing activities and prospects are engaged right up to the purchase decision.

Our Approach
  1. Lead Planning & Generation
  2. Qualify Leads
  3. Distribute Leads
  4. Nurture Leads
  5. Measure and Evaluate Programs

Speed, accuracy and accountability! Whether the response program is facilitated through post, email, web or telephone, the respondent needs to feel that their request is being managed with a professional approach

Implementing lead management best practices through directologies reduces the cost of marketing, fills the sales pipeline faster with better quality leads, and grows revenue. So every marketing organization can finally discover the real gold amongst their leads

Media tools for response Management
  • IVR automated call handling
  • Call Handling with live agents
  • SMS Pull – Short Code
  • Web forms - online
  • Fax inbounds
  • Email embedded forms
  • Freepost business reply service
  • Global Messaging System