Direct Marketing System

Global Messaging system is SMS application that enables businesses to receive and send SMS messages from subscribers into an application in a computer. It is highly effective and practical way for businesses to interact with their Customers and staff in real-time Businesses can employ GMS for a range of applications, including on-package promotions, customer response campaigns, etc.

Global Messaging System is an application for receiving SMS messages on your PC via a GSM modem or a mobile phone connected to a serial port (or a USB port with a cable driver creating a virtual serial port).

Service overview

Global Messaging system provides customer interactivity in a cost effective manner. By using a GSM number from any service provider, it uses a standard mobile number, clients do not incur high short code charges or lengthy registration processes. What’s more, GMS service is well received by end-users because it empowers them to interact with companies via SMS, in real-time.

Add it by having a fancy mobile number and to remember that, it will be easier than a short code.

  • International Reach Ability to receive and send SMS from/to any subscriber
  • Have a fancy mobile number and to remember that will be easier that a short code.
  • SMS billing to GSM number, as per usages
  • Carriers usually do not charge any fees for receiving incoming SMS messages with their SIM cards
  • The subscriber are not charged premium to send SMS to GSM numbers]
  • Leverage subscribers SMS packed connections to reduce the bill
  • Protect your database
  • Have all admin control in your hand
  • Send SMS with all standard features
    • Schedule
    • Unicode
    • Concatenate
  • Process received SMS based on keywords
  • Conduct Poll and generate leads

Directologies Global Messaging System as Direct Marketing System for cost effective messaging
  • Use a Computer to Receive SMS Messages through a Mobile Phone or GSM/GPRS Modem