Direct Marketing System

Directologies Email Campaign Management Solution is most advanced email campaign management solution, combining the most sophisticated feature set available with core list management functions, fast and reliable email delivery service, and the ease-of-use and value which directologies builds into all of its products. This solution is a web-based ASP solution requiring no special hardware or network infrastructure, and includes directologies' comprehensive email deliverability support.


Create and send great looking emails: Design with your favorite tools, Import with a single click, See screenshots of your email in 20+ email clients, Build re-usable templates, Simple WYSIWYG editor for clients, Personalization, Forward to a Friend, Send in any time zone, Run your email through popular spam filters, Free campaign archive, Powerful reports on the results, Google Analytics integration, Free |template gallery

Manage lists and subscribers: Unlimited number of lists, Subscribe forms for your site, Customize the subscribe process, Confirmed Opt-in, Suppression lists, Customize the unsubscribe process, Custom fields, Segmentation, Let clients manage their subscribers, Export to Excel

Reporting and analytics:Great looking interactive charts, Google Analytics integration, Open and click tracking, Forward to a Friend reports, Unsubscribe reports, Bounce reports, Spam complaint reports, Track conversions and ROI, Compare multiple campaigns, Full activity for each subscriber, Export reports to Excel, Let your clients access reports

Deliverability and data security: Human approval process, ISP feedback loop integration, Support for Domain Keys and Sender ID, Smart bounce processing, White listed at major ISP's, Hosted at fully redundant data center, Industry leading mail servers, Run your email through spam filters, Strict permission policy, Delivering over multiple IP's, Our team constantly monitor blacklists, Comprehensive |privacy policy, Multiple layers of data security

Support and community: Comprehensive | help system, Active |customer forums, Expert email design advice

Directologies Email Campaign Management Solutions | as Direct Marketing System for Email Campaign Management
  • Email Campaign Management Solutions |as Service to your clients
  • Email Campaign Management Solutions|as deployment on your hosting server
  • Email Campaign Management Solutions|requiring further development

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