Direct Marketing System

Growing businesses can benefit from increasingly sophisticated systems when using direct marketing. If you are not getting the sales you want, effective direct marketing systems is probably not part of your marketing toolkit.

One vital aspect of developing an effective direct marketing system and a huge advantage over traditional marketing approaches, is the ability to test your system before you commit enormous amounts of money to it. Mass media marketing is expensive and unaccountable. Direct marketing systems give you the ability to measure results and track your return on investment.

You can trial your system in small quantities before you roll it out to a larger audience. Eventually, with the right fine tuning, your direct marketing system will deliver predictable results.

You will be able to plan your expenditure and schedule your marketing program to deliver the sales volumes you need at any time.

Ultimately, your direct marketing system should deliver you all the sales from the most preferable and profitable customers that you would ever want.

Directologies provides a unique offering of equipment, systems, and experience for developing highly effective and personalized business and marketing communications processes and media.

Use our proven tested integrated direct marketing system to lower cost per lead and cost per sale:

Seamless Direct Marketing System / solutions include
  • SMS SMPP Platform
  • SMS Short Code Management System
  • Global Messaging System
  • Mobile Number Validation - HRL Lookup
  • Email Marketing – Platform
  • Voice Marketing – Platform
  • Postal – Roll Out