Services / Direct Mail Services

Quality, accuracy, accountability and cost effective solutions are essential for any fulfillment campaign to be successful.

The accuracy and quality control of a campaign is vital: from collating a number of items, providing a pick and pack service to ensuring all addresses and codes match so any persons responding to an offer can be tracked. Therefore complex fulfillment campaigns are managed and co-ordinate in-house, keeping a tight control on quality, accuracy and accountability.

We have partnered with leaders to provide direct addressing solutions encompass high quality laser printing and ink jetting.

Our fulfillment services include:
  • Cost effective distribution
  • High quality personalization
  • Machine and hand envelope fulfillment
  • Machine poly wrapping and poly bag hand enclosing
  • Supply of overprinted envelopes, polythene and outer cartons
  • Full range of response fulfillment including pick and pack, kit collation and product dispatch
  • Extensive and secure storage facilities
  • Comprehensive insurance cover