Direct Marketing Database Services

The best consultant is a good listener. We learned that!

You know what you want to accomplish. Our role is to listen to your needs, wants and wishes, to ask relevant questions and then to develop a system you can use to exceed your expectations.

Of course, the in-between steps are most important, for they determine how together we will get to where you want to be.

From the onset we will dialogue, explore purpose and identify a hierarchy of preferences until there is absolute understanding and agreement defining exactly what you hope to accomplish with your Database.

We have developed a carefully orchestrated system to assure your requirements are satisfied. As with any other good system, this process is dynamic. It will be adapted to address your specifics, and as important, to work within your corporate structure.

Database management includes
  • Database processing
  • Developing, mining and analyzing database
  • Normalization and standardization of data
  • Regression, classification and clustering
  • Data Queries
  • Data entry
  • Rationalizing data
  • Data clean and hygiene
  • Quality control
  • Presort
  • and lot more…