Direct Marketing Database Services

Building a database can seem like a daunting task if computer data entry isn’t your forte, but an up-to-date customer database can save your company time and money and most importantly, help you attract repeat business.

Directologies facilitates building up customer database, by capturing and collecting the information of customers from various sources and profiling it.

Data source
  • Collating data from different department to convert to single point customer database repository.
  • Online/offline registration forms
  • Promotional coupons.
  • Indexing, search and workflow facility is also provided.
  • Scanning and encoding directories into digital format and the management of documents with OCR and digital archiving technology

However you build it, an effective database can:
  1. Keep track of customer data including contact information and buying habits.
  2. Streamline marketing campaigns with the touch of a button to print labels for direct mail.
  3. Track sales habits of each customer.
  4. Create daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly reports.
Outsource it

If this is not your business, chances are you have already a lot on your plate. Save time and get up to speed with a database quickly by outsourcing the creation of it and then opting to manage it.