Services / Direct Marketing Service

Directologies is a direct marketing consultant delivering all forms of direct marketing communication including SMS, mail, email, voice, fax, etc to help grow your company.

Directologies direct marketing consultant team has extensive experience in the development of campaigns for companies of all sizes, from all industries and from all over the world. Your directologies direct marketing consultant will develop a direct marketing strategy for your company that will reach your target audience, build brand awareness, spark interest in your business and in turn add value to your bottom line performance.

From initial strategy through to campaign analysis, directologies does offer the 'one stop' service.

The advice and recommendations we make are designed to ensure workable solutions that achieve your objectives from start to finish. Through our professional, proactive approach more and more clients look to directologies for management of their projects.

Our approach to project management is that we are an extension of your company, partnering you in your desire to attain best value.

You will be assigned a dedicated account manager and their associated team, providing you with a clear point of contact and total confidence in your project management.

We offer the complete direct marketing service:

  • Strategy planning
  • Campaign analysis
  • Research
  • Development
  • Dedicated account management to guide and advise you
  • Creative Solutions