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Direct Technologies (directologies) is a single source for today's cutting-edge direct marketing services and solutions — from strategic and creative development to analytics and production — specializing in communications for a diverse range of industry verticals.

Directologies is an integrated direct marketing company and our mission is to deliver solution-based direct marketing services that add value to the relationships between our clients and their customers.

Directologies provides a unique offering of equipment, systems, and experience for developing highly effective and personalized business and marketing communications processes and media.

From lead generation to customer acquisition, retention, up-sell, cross-sell, and winback campaigns, directologies delivers innovative solutions specific to your vertical to help you find, interact with, and keep customers through virtually every channel and touch point. This allows you to provide a seamless customer experience throughout a customer’s life cycle while maintaining brand continuity.

The Direct Marketing Process

Direct Marketing is a process where a marketer identifies individuals likely to have an interest in a product or service and then communicates information about the product or service to them using promotional formats and media they are thought to prefer.

The communication includes an offer for the product or service incorporating at least one
"call-to-action" and provides one or more means for each individual to respond. Records are kept about the number of individuals contacted and the number of individuals who respond to the offer, as well as information about item sales and product and promotional costs. The marketer analyzes these data to measure success and to make decisions about whether to continue to promote to the same or similar individuals.

Direct Marketing techniques can be used for highly quantifiable objectives such as customer acquisition and customer retention. They can also be used for other less quantifiable objectives such as to influence opinion, to educate and to establish brand positioning.


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Direct Marketing Consultancy

Directologies is a direct marketing consultant delivering all forms of direct marketing communication including SMS, mail, email, voice, fax, etc to help grow your company.


Direct Marketing Project Management

Are you finding that not only is there too much to get done but the lean and mean approach really means that there is the same amount of work to do but with less highly-skilled staff? Should the remaining middle managers be consumed with implementation or tactics?


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